Center on Aging and Community Living to host Sidore Lecture Series: “Aging in America: Justice for All”

February 23, 2021

The Center on Aging and Community Living (CACL), a collaboration of the Institute on Disability and the Institute for Health Policy and Practice (IHPP), is pleased to be hosting a Sidore Lecture Series on aging in 2021 and 2022 in partnership with others in the University. The Sidore Series, sponsored by the University of New Hampshire Center for Humanities, is an annual lecture series designed to offer the University community and the state of New Hampshire a forum for learning about and discussing critical and sometimes controversial issues facing our society.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed an urgency to confronting biases against older peopleLeft unaddressed, harmful stereotypes amplified by the media have adversely influenced societal views, public policies, and systems of support. Resulting in additional barriers to quality health care and social services for millions of vulnerable Americans. 

“For many groups, these barriers are heightened by disadvantages accumulated across a lifetime, such as inequities associated with racial, socioeconomic, and educational status,” says Jennifer Rabalais from the Institute on Disability. “The lecture series is intended to examine these disparities and spark considerations for new systems –ones designed to honor, celebrate, and care for our older adults.” 

The series planning group includes; Jennifer Rabalais from the Institute on Disability; Laura Davie and Kate Crary from the Institute for Health Policy and Practice; Casey Golomski, Associate Professor Department of Anthropology; Allison Wilder, Faculty Fellow UNH Center on Aging and Community Living and Associate Professor, Department of Recreation Management and Policy; Allyson Ryder, MPPM, Program Director, UNH Office of Community, Equity and Diversity. The series will be held once a month during the academic year and will bring in a variety of experts to lead conversations across six sessions:  

  • Aging in America: We are all in this together

  • COVID-19 Commemoration as Protest: Age, Race, and Class

  • Engineering for Humanity: Design, Accessibility, and Intergenerational Partnerships

  • LGBTQ+ The Social Injustice of Being Forced Back in the Closet

  • Aging in Place: Black Perspectives

  • Caregiving: Honor and Burden, Contributions, and Impact

For more information visit the Sidore Lecture Series website