START Program Development

START program implementation follows a three to four-year development process where the National Center for START Services® (NCSS) provides ongoing, in-person, and virtual support in the form of START model tools, training, strategic planning, consultation, and technical assistance. This support occurs at all phases of implementation.

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All START programs work together as a national community of practice facilitated by the National Center. Certified START programs provide:

  • Expertise in the mental health aspects of IDD
  • Validated assessments, training, interventions, and ongoing dialogue with stakeholders within the context of the START model’s guiding principles
  • Cross-systems crisis prevention and intervention planning
  • Certified START coordination
  • Therapeutic supports (resource centers and therapeutic coaching) provided by highly skilled direct support staff
  • Psychopharmacology consultation
  • Outreach to the person, their supports, and service providers to enhance the capacity of all
  • Face-to-face, timely crisis prevention and intervention services, and 24-hour/seven-day crisis response
  • Increased knowledge of MHIDD among professionals through outreach and training
  • Participation in NCSS innovative training and research initiatives