Jen Williams

Building Futures Together on April 5th, 2023, joined the R.I.C.H conference and presented the program with the data that has been gathered. The R.I.C.H conference brings together leaders and advocates within the prevention, treatment, and recovery harm reduction communities across the New England area. Along with these leaders, we saw healthcare providers, clinical staff, licensed professionals, mental health professionals, social services providers, educators, and many more.

A woman with long brown hair, presents a powerpoint about Level I Training and the 3 courses involved to a conference room audience

Macey Muller, Project Coordinator of Building Futures Together presents at the 2023 SOS Recovery Community Organization R.I.C.H (Recovery, Inclusion, Community, Harm reduction) Conference

During the Building Futures Together guest speaking spot, we welcomed two Cohorts, one who had finished the program and another who was finishing up Level One training based on the three classes offered. Both of these trainees offered a look at their journey through the program and shared their capstone project.

A man with short brown graying hair and glasses, a woman with long blond hair and glasses in a suit, and a woman with curly gray hair and glasses in a blazer sit at a presenter table together. The two women are chatting while the man is arranging his things.

From left to right, Glenn Mallon and Whitney Brown, two Building Futures Together trainees get ready to present with JoAnne Malloy at the 2023 SOS Conference.

Glenn Mallon, a recovery coach from Cohort 3, was the first to talk about his lived experience and how the tools he learned during Building Futures Together not only helped him see things about his own experience but how these tools, such as the Graphic Facilitation in the form of a T-Chart and Timeline has made a positive impact with the clients he works with daily. Not only has he been able to show his clients how far they have come with the use of a timeline, but it has also allowed them to make better choices and see a lot of “what ifs.” With that knowledge, Glenn and his clients can make a game plan for a positive outcome.

Glenn Mallon, a man with short graying brown hair and glasses presents a powerpoint on his Building Futures Together take aways

Glenn Mallon, a Building Futures Together trainee, presents his  Building Futures Together take-aways at the SOS Conference

Whitney Brown, CRSW from Cohort 2, also spoke during the Building Futures Together presentation. During her section of the presentation, she shared with the group a recorded session between her and a fellow trainee. This recording was Whitney’s capstone project, the guests during this presentation could see the story and how Graphic Facilitation can play out as a tool for clients to see where they were, what progress they have made, and where they hope to go in the future. By the end of the recording, we found out that the trainee being interviewed has found new strength and is looking forward to being a supportive mother, wife and aiming for career goals she never thought she could do.

A woman with long blond hair and glasses presents a power point on Key Takeaways to a conference room

Whitney Brown, CRSW, a Building Futures Together trainee, presents her Key Takeaways from the training program at the 2023 SOS Conference