Alumni Updates - Spring 2015

May 15, 2015

John Wilcox

John Wilcox

John Wilcox practiced occupational therapy for 12 years in hospital, school, and community settings before becoming part of the Maine Cohort of the NH LEND program in 2012. John says; “ It was a great inter-disciplinary experience helping me to understand and bridge the gap between the clients I treat and their families, to see the importance of family-centered planning, especially with children and young adults with disabilities.” John worked directly with Alan Kurtz at CCIDS on his Family-centered Transition Planning research project.

John completed the LEND program in 2013, and applied for a job in the Occupational Therapy Department at University of New Hampshire as Clinical Assistant Professor teaching courses/labs in community based practice, pediatrics, mental health, practice and professional roles, assistive technology, and adult physical dysfunctions. Since accepting the position, he has been able to utilize his LEND experience specifically to help establish community-based services and experiences for the OT students and community stakeholders. John incorporates student involvement in client and family centered planning as they run community based groups at various settings. These settings all focus on building skills that will help individuals with disabilities engage more purposefully in life activities at home and in the community.

John says; “LEND is the type of experience that doesn’t really end, it keeps you asking what else should be done…and gives you the confidence and feeling of responsibility to address the issues locally and nationally, as much as you are able.”