Workshop Catalog

Assistive and Universal Design Technologies Achieving Educational Success for All

Achieving educational success for students who experience a disability is a team effort. During times of economic challenges, a great opportunity exists for innovative and creative thinking in order to obtain needed solutions. This professional development series focuses on the development and implementation of quick and cost effective assistive technology solutions as well as embracing universally design technology to support all students.

Technology Tools for Student Access and Success

This workshop will address the academic and communication needs of struggling students continuing on to higher education with tools that will enable them to be successful. Tools include scan and read programs to provide access to written text; tools for electronic note taking, brainstorming, and writing; research tools for online note taking; free word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet programs; online tools for scheduling and assignment organization; collaboration tools, and more.

Becoming an Assistive Technology MacGyver or MacGyvette

Learn how to fabricate assistive technology solutions in minutes, just like MacGyver from the TV show MacGyver. What if you only have five minutes to make a difference in someone's life and you had all the tools and materials in the trunk of your car? Just think of the possibilities! The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with hands-on training using 42 different tools and materials for constructing solutions in minutes using various plastics, adhesives, fasteners, tools for cutting and bending, and foam material. Each participant will receive their very own MacGyver Tools and Materials Kit (a 42-piece tool kit valued at $125) to take home and create hundreds of solutions on the fly, as well as a copy of Dr. Willkomm's Book "Make a Difference Today - Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes."

p>Building and Using an Assistive Technology Transformer Kit for Solving Everyday Challenges in the Classroom

Each participant will make their very own assistive technology transformer kit that can be used to solve everyday challenges in minutes. This transformer kit includes various PVC components, tubing, flagpole holders, a PVC cutter, dual lock, and Tommy tape. In addition, each participant will use the components and fabricate at least 15 different assistive technology solutions.

There's an App for That! Mobile Applications to Increase Independence

This workshop will demonstrate dozens of the latest apps for use on mobile devices, online, and on the go to support individuals with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities. A variety of apps for Apple and Android mobile devices will be demonstrated. Apple devices will be available for hands-on experience.

Assistive Technology for Older Adults

This hands-on, interactive workshop will demonstrate over 70 easy-to-make, low-tech assistive technology solutions made from readily available, inexpensive materials that enable individuals to "age in place" and remain independent and active at home and in their communities. The solutions include memory aids, back saving solutions, mobility aids, home modification ideas, solutions for low vision or hearing loss, and solutions for arthritis.

Beyond Duct Tape and Velcro - 101 AT Solutions YOU Can Make Using Everyday Materials

What if you only had five minutes to make a solution for someone and had the basic tools and materials in the trunk of your car? Just think of the possibilities! This hands-on workshop uses 42 different tools and materials for fabricating hundreds of AT solutions in minutes without the use of electricity. Each participant will use a "MacGyver AT Kit" of assorted tools and materials and will fabricate five assistive technology solutions. In addition, each participant will receive a switch-making kit, a "Mini MacGyver AT Tape Kit"containing 10 specialty tapes, an AT transformer kit that includes 14 PVC pieces for fabricating 15 different AT solutions, and a copy of the book Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes containing over 600 examples.

Universally Designed Technology to Support Reading, Writing, and Communication in the General Education Classroom

Today there are hundreds of technology devices and software that benefit all diverse learners. This workshop will demonstrate the top 10 iPad applications that support reading, writing, and communication; the Livescribe Pen; and software that makes reading and writing easier for all. In addition, an assortment of 25 other devices, tips, and tricks will also be shared.

Developing and Supporting Meaningful Careers for Individuals with Disabilities

Participants will learn strategies to create an array of natural employment supports to increase individuals' success on the job.  This approach features workplace culture analysis, combined with creative utilization of employers' own existing resources, to reduce the need for continual on-site presence of employment support staff.

Foundations in Transition

This hands-on, interactive workshop will provide examples of how assistive technology can be used to assist students transitioning from school to work, to post-secondary education, or to community living. Examples will include devices to increase independence and productivity, and effective use of electronic memory and prompting devices. Assistive technology transition planning tools will also be shared.

Making, Modifying, and Mounting Switches

Our lives revolve around using switches. Turning lights on, alarm clocks off, making coffee, and operating our cars, cell phones, TVs, and computers involve hundreds-?if not thousands?of switch hits each day. Yet for individuals who experience a physical disability, operating these essential appliances can be extremely difficult if not impossible. This hands-on interactive workshop teaches participants the basics of switch making, how to modify a switch, and effective switch mounting techniques that enable individuals who experience disabilities to participate in all life activities.