Funding Highlights: Winter 2021

February 23, 2021

The IOD aligns its projects and strategic initiatives with current and emerging national, regional, and state priorities related to individuals with disabilities. Below is a list of IOD's recently funded projects, initiatives, and research. 

Occupational Requirements and Worker Functional Abilities

Houtenville, A. (Principal Investigator), Henly, M. & Brucker, D. (Co-Principal Investigators). (September 2020-September 2021). Occupational Requirements and Worker Functional Abilities: A Close Look at Three Key Occupations.  Social Security Administration (SSA), Michigan Retirement and Disability Research Center (MRDRC).

Summary: Occupational Requirements and Worker Functional Abilities was awarded $75,000 to examine the capacity of different types of workers in various occupations. Information from the study will be used to inform SSA's disability determination process. 

Creating Connections

Malloy, J. (Principal Investigator). Creating Connections. N.H. Bureau for Children's Mental Health (NH DHHS).

Summary: Creating Connections received additional funding of $277,000 to further expand the project in the state with N.H. partners.

The Healthy Families Flourish Program

Smith, S., Humphreys, B., Corvini, M. (Co-Principal Investigators). (September 2020-August 2021). The Healthy Families Flourish Program (TFFP). UNH CoRE Initiative Pilot Research Partnership. 

Summary: This CoRE PRP will pilot a UNH-developed, interdisciplinary, telehealth intervention - the Healthy Families Flourish Program (TFFP) - to support family health for families raising CSHCN. Dr. Sarah Smith, CHHS faculty member in Occupational Therapy, developed the TFFP, an interdisciplinary model of family health influenced by occupational therapy, physical therapy, and developmental medicine perspectives. The pilot research aims to determine the preliminary effectiveness of the TFFP on improving family health outcomes and family activity participation, and examine participant satisfaction with, and feasibility of the TFFP and the telehealth delivery approach.