Spring 2020 Research and Publications

May 26, 2020

Job Crafting Among American Workers with Disabilities Debra L. Brucker Vidya Sundar 

Job crafting is an informal, employee-initiated approach to job redesign that has not been tested among people with disabilities, thus far. The purpose of this study is to examine crafting behaviors of workers with disabilities and individual factors associated with crafting behaviors. Read More

New DPH Infographic 

The New Hampshire Disability & Public Health Project's 2020 infographic shows that people with disabilities have a harder time accessing health care than people without disabilities, and people with multiple disabilities are most likely to face barriers to care. Health care practices can help by keeping these barriers in mind and creating inclusive policies to help people who have difficulties with transportation or cost. Read More

Disability in Focus 

New Hampshire Disability & Public Health project's May 2020 issue of Disability in Focus shows that in New Hampshire, people with disabilities and their families are four times more likely to report food insecurity than people without disabilities. Food insecurity results from not being able to afford enough food to live an active, healthy life. Review the data and learn about resources to improve food security in NH. Read More

New Disability RAP Sheet 

DRC-NH, in collaboration with the UNH Institute on Disability and the New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities, distribute a quarterly RAP sheet to educate community members and policymakers about the latest research, policy, practice, and advocacy issues affecting individuals with disabilities and their families. This month, the collaboration welcomes a newly renamed and redesigned Disability RAP. The themes explored in each issue, like this issues’ focus on the intersection of disability and sexuality, inform us and empower us to break barriers and challenge traditional ideas of what it means to live with a disability.  Read More

Asthma Prevalence Among New Hampshire Workers, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2014-2016 

New Hampshire has some of the highest rates of asthma across the country, with 2014-2016 CDC estimates putting it as the state with the highest adult asthma prevalence, affecting 13.2% of New Hampshire adults total. The information in NH OSHA’s latest report can be useful to prioritize and guide workplace prevention strategies within high-risk industries and occupations. Read the report