GEMSS/LEND Collaborate for a Higher Education Training Module

August 15, 2016

learning module for GEMSS

Each year, the NH-ME LEND program places trainees in programs around New Hampshire and Maine. This year, the New England Genetics Collaborative (NEGC) had three trainees working with them--Ashley Hamill, Erika Baril, and Raven Vigars.

Erika Baril worked on the Genetics Education Materials for School Success (GEMSS) program and spent her time developing a learning module that teachers in higher education could use to teach their students more about successful classroom strategies for children with genetic conditions.

Karen Smith, NEGC project coordinator, explains: “One in 20 children has a genetic condition, and every school teach will have students with complex needs. Through this new learning module, we hope to reach teachers before they graduate and enter the workforce.”

GEMSS is a free website providing vetted information and resources for 30+ genetic conditions as well as providing practical tips and strategies for learning. While exploring the learning module, instructors can choose one or more in a series of suggest activities, including:

  • Pre-work for students
  • 2 minute video
  • In or out-of-class assignments (works well online)
  • Slide presentation for whole group activity
  • Independent or small group activity
  • Discussion questions to encourage critical thinking about inclusion for children who have genetic conditions

You can access the learning module on the GEMSS website, and visit the NEGC website to learn more about their partnership with LEND.