Dr. Humphreys Presents in Stockholm, Sweden

August 15, 2016

group at conference

In June, Dr. Betsy Humphreys, NH-ME LEND Training Director & UNH Research Assistant Professor in Early Education, traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, for a presentation at the International Society on Early Intervention Conference. Over 600 participants from 55 countries attended the conference, which focused on children’s rights in early intervention. Along with Dr. Leslie Couse, Professor of Education and Chair of the UNH Education Department, Dr. Humphreys presented a session titled “Identifying Leadership frameworks for Early Intervention.” The session engaged participants in dialogue about building the leadership capacity of early intervention professionals.

Dr. Humphreys joined the Institute on Disability in 2010 as Interdisciplinary Training Director for the NH Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program (NH LEND). An alumna of the program herself, Dr. Humphreys spent more than ten years working in early education and intervention in New Hampshire. She received her doctoral degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in early intervention with a specialization in autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Humphreys is a contributing author on manuscripts and book chapters related to early intervention for young children with ASD. Her research interests center on the use of standardized developmental screening tools in primary care settings for children at risk for autism and other developmental disabilities.

During the conference, the City of Stockholm hosted an evening reception for conference participants in the Blue Hall of Stockholm City Hall where the Nobel Banquet is held. Pictured are Professor Betsy Humphreys, Research Assistant Professor in Early Education at UNH; Dr. Michael Guralnick, Chair of the International Society on Early Intervention; Dr. Eva Bjorck-Akesson, Secretary General of the Committee for Education Sciences at the Swedish Research Council; and Professor Leslie Couse, Professor of Education and Department Chair at UNH.