Celebrating 10 Years of Service

April 14, 2016

At the beginning of May, the University of New Hampshire recognized two Institute on Disability employees for their 10 years of service to the IOD and UNH--Matthew Gianino and Melissa Mandrell.

Matt Gianino

Matthew Gianino currently serves as the Director of Communications for the Institute on Disability. Prior to coming to the IOD, Matt spent nine years in various leadership roles where his focus was on relationship building and the development and execution of marketing and communications strategies for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. As Director of Communications at the Institute on Disability, Matthew Gianino develops and manages the execution of the organization's communications plan, including dissemination, advertising, outreach, promotion, social media, media relations, and public relations activities. He works regularly with the IOD's 40+ grants and programs in order to address their unique communications needs. Matt also oversees the organization's technology, eCommerce, events, web development, and eLearning capacities and infrastructure.

“For ten years, Matt has provided a steady hand and reassuring leadership to the IOD,” explains Dr. Charles Drum, IOD Director. “In leading IOD communications, he doesn’t try to do it all himself nor take all the credit- but his influence is real, valuable, and instrumental to our success.”

Melissa Mandrell

Melissa Mandrell is a Project Director working on projects at the Center on Aging and Community Living. Prior to joining IOD, Melissa worked for the State of New Hampshire at the Bureau of Behavioral Health and at New Hampshire Hospital. Previous employment included University of Iowa Mental Health Clinical Research Center and United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Her current work focuses on supporting access to person-centered long-term care options for individuals with disabilities and/or who age into disabilities.

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Melissa over the past ten years,” shares Dr. Sue Fox, Associate Director of the IOD. “She is an indispensable member of the IOD staff as she is able to apply her organizational and management skills across a broad range of content areas and to utilize her social work skills to help all of us do our work better. Her willingness to step in and help anyone with anything has endeared her to IOD staff as well as to our community partners. Melissa has grown in her scope of work while at the IOD; supporting the development of the Center on Aging and Community Living, supervising Social Work interns, and developing the scope and expertise of the NH Service Link network. Melissa is particularly appreciated for her dedication, humor, and wisdom.”

Both staff members attended a ceremony and lunch along with colleagues to honor their time at UNH.