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Comparison Between Devices
Comparison Between:iPad ( iOS Device) and Samsung Galaxy Note (Android Device) and the Surface Pro 2 (Windows Device)
Este programa está diseñado para preparar a paraprofesionales de la salud y en entornos escolares para proporcionar una mejor coordinación de…
Construyendo un futuro juntos volantes en espanol
Oportunidad de Capacitación para Paraprofesionales de la Salud y en Entornos Escolares ¡Tú puedes marcar la diferencia!Aprende a ayudar a niños,…
Council for Exceptional Children
The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving the educational success of…
Inclusive Education
Council of Administrators of Special Education, Inc.
An international professional educational organization promoting professional leadership, providing an opportunity for study of problems common to…
Inclusive Education
COVID-19 VACCINATION ACCESS & INFORMATION: Understanding Barriers for People with Disabilities in New Hampshire
In an effort to improve COVID-19 vaccine access for older adults and people with disabilities in New Hampshire, the NH Developmental Disabilities (DD…
Health & Genetics COVID-19 Data Briefs & Reports
Creating a Momentary Switch
Creating a Momentary Switch
Creating a PBIS Behavior Teaching Matrix for Remote Instruction
This practice brief shares tips for maintaining continuity of learning through defining classroom expectations for remote (i.e., distance)…
Creating a Sock Aid
Creating a Sock Aid
Creating Connections Ethical Dilemma Training Scenarios
Read through the following scenarios and think about how you would respond/ handle each situation. Discuss these with your Coach/ Supervisor and…
Creating Connections New Hampshire Project Overview
Creating Connections NH and Pilot Sites 2. The Seven Challenges® Intervention 3. Groups and Individual Treatment 4. Youth Peer Support 5. How to…
Behavioral Health & Wellness Substance Misuse
Creating Connections NH - Logic Model
Logic Model
Creating Connections NH - State-Level Data
State level data
D1: Implicit Bias in School Discipline Decisions: Strategies to Enhance Equity Presentation
1. Complete some activities to explore disproportionality in school discipline 2. Share an intervention approach for enhancing equity in: …
D4: MTSS by Design: Transforming Separate Approaches into a Cohesive Plan Handout
I. Establishing an organizational plan for MTSS Enduring Understanding: Be able to connect MTSS, school improvement, and healthy school climate for…
D4: MTSS by Design: Transforming Separate Approaches into a Cohesive Plan Presentation
Enduring Understanding: • Connect MTSS, school improvement, and school climate • Prioritize efforts • Develop teams • Organize multiple data…
D5: Wraparound in NH: Family- and Youth-Driven Supports Handout 1
Make important connections to others who have a loved one with a serious emotional disorder or mental illness who:  Understand the challenges you…
D5: Wraparound in NH: Family- and Youth-Driven Supports Handout 2
Parents Meeting the Challenge Support Groups for parents and caregivers of children and adolescents with serious emotional disorders Note: As…
D5: Wraparound in NH: Family- and Youth-Driven Supports Presentation
Overview of youth and family driven wraparound Values and roles in NH Wraparound Case Example
Dan Habib Event Flyer 1
Event flyer for Intelligent lives screening.