Training & Consultation

RENEW Training and Consultation

(In Person, online, or phone consultation)

A woman leads a training session.

The University of New Hampshire RENEW staff can provide a presentation of the RENEW model’s features, goals, strategies, and systems required to implement the RENEW model as well as research data that supports the model.  The length and depth of the presentation can be catered to your agency’s or school’s preferences and needs. The methods for this type of presentation can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Formal Lecture or Keynote
  • Experiential Learning with Personal Futures Planning, The RENEW Maps
  • Youth Case Studies
  • Video and Discussion: Understanding and Supporting Youth with Emotional Behavior Challenges
  • RENEW Youth Graduate Presenters
  • RENEW Implementation in Mental Health, Schools, and State Organizations
  • Using RENEW to build collaboration between Mental Health Agencies and Schools (RENEW an Interconnected Systems Framework)
  • RENEW Studies and Publications

This level of training raises awareness and is not thorough enough for attendees to use the RENEW model thereafter. For archived presentations and topics, follow this link.

RENEW Presentation Options

The University of New Hampshire RENEW staff can provide training and consultation so that your agency or school can successfully implement the RENEW practice. In order to ensure the sustainability of RENEW and achieve improved positive outcomes for your youth, the RENEW staff have created and refined the training and implementation strategies to include the following parts: 1) Development of a RENEW Implementation Team, 2) Training of RENEW Facilitators, 3) Coaching of RENEW Facilitators, 4) Identification of an On-Site Coach, 5) Assessment of RENEW Model Fidelity. Descriptions of each strategy are as follows:

The RENEW staff will work with your school or agency to develop a RENEW Implementation Team or adapt an existing team that can undergo the functions of a RENEW Implementation Team. The main purposes of this team are to 1) develop systems that support the fidelity of RENEW implementation, 2) monitor feedback loops to ensure the RENEW facilitators and youth receiving the RENEW intervention are accessing supports and interventions needed for their success, 3) track RENEW progress and outcome data for the purpose of data-based decision making, 4) communicate and disseminate success with other school or agency staff, and (5) build structures to sustain RENEW at your school or agency.

The RENEW staff will assist your RENEW Implementation Team (see previous section) to identify the number of facilitators required to meet the needs of your population. We will also help choose who should facilitate RENEW based on the person’s position and skill set. Once facilitators are identified, our RENEW staff will direct you to our event page to register staff for the 3-Day RENEW Facilitators Training. Our staff can also host an onsite RENEW Facilitators training if preferred.

Based on research and our own experience, coaching newly trained RENEW Facilitators is necessary for providing and sustaining quality RENEW interventions for your youth. Our coaching model uses the following strategies: modeling , co-facilitation, observation with feedback, group coaching, data collection and analysis, and booster trainings to support Facilitators in their growth. For logistical reasons, RENEW coaching can be provided using distance learning and technology if necessary.

In order to ensure sustainability of RENEW in a school or agency, it is necessary to have a point person in charge of its installation. This person works closely with the UNH RENEW staff person to 1) develop and facilitate the RENEW Implementation Team, 2) coordinate the RENEW training and related professional development, 3) coach the trained RENEW facilitators, 4) collect, analyze, and disseminate RENEW data, 5) administer the RENEW fidelity instrument, and 6) communicate the school or agency’s needs to the RENEW project staff. The RENEW coach should be a trained and active RENEW facilitator. The RENEW coach should adequately be able to coach the RENEW Implementation Team and RENEW facilitators after the UNH RENEW staff person is no longer working with your school or agency. For more on RENEW Coaches, follow this link to the Learning Portal page.

Taking regular fidelity measures is not only important for ensuring that your youth are receiving a quality RENEW intervention, but it also helps us understand what the facilitators need for coaching and further professional development. The first administration of the RENEW fidelity instrument is 3–4 months after the initial RENEW Facilitator Training, and 6 months thereafter.


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