RENEW Coaches Learning Portal

The RENEW Coaches Learning Portal is available to individuals who are members of the RENEW Coaches Community of Practice (CoP).

Please reach out to your IOD RENEW Coach or to our IOD team to invite you to enroll as an active Coach.

RENEW Coaches Learning Portal

RENEW Coaches Community of Practice:

The purpose of the National RENEW Coaches CoP is to support coaches to enhance the quality of RENEW provided to youth as it scales up in schools, agencies, and states. This Community of Practice will be a forum to:

  • Ensure quality services at agency/school and coaches level
  • Problem-solve around system support
  • Communicate about federal policy changes and issues
  • Explore the continuum of supports
  • Support coaches to communicate about RENEW
  • Share materials, tools, strategies on coaching
  • Ensure consistency in data collection and fidelity.

We will do our work by:

  • Sharing our experience and problem solving
  • Offering peer-to-peer supports
  • Sharing tools, strategies, training opportunities, and other resources
  • Regularly scheduling informational webinars
  • Creating a “National roadmap for implementation”
  • Sharing updates on grant writing, funding opportunities
  • Highlighting what’s working through examples and case studies
  • Sharing standardized fidelity assessments