RENEWed Opportunities on the Seacoast

The “RENEWed Opportunities on the Seacoast” Project has been funded by several local New Hampshire foundations (see list) beginning in July 2013. The project was designed using The Interconnected Systems Framework (Barrett, Eber, & Weist, 2013), integrating school mental health within the multi-tiered Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Framework. In this case, the RENEW intervention is the mechanism for mental health and education collaboration for the highest need youth.

In order to build this framework, IOD staff have developed and expanded RENEW services in the Exeter School District by:

  1. building RENEW capacity by training school staff to use the RENEW intervention;
  2. facilitating a RENEW implementation team to oversee sustainability; and
  3. establishing a stronger and more intentional collaboration with Seacoast Mental Health Center for youth who are receiving both school and mental health supports to achieve their RENEW goals.

This project exemplifies the nature of collaboration that is critical to the Interconnected Systems Framework, and the project staff will disseminate its findings upon its completion in 2015.

Project Funding Provided by:

Download more information about the Interconnected Systems Framework.