Film Goals

The overriding goal of the project is to create and disseminate an essential teaching tool that will be engaging to multiple audiences--university faculty, grade level and preschool educators and specialists, disability and mental health advocates, youth-serving organizations, public policy decision makers, community leaders, young people, families, and the general public.

This film and the accompanying educational and outreach materials spotlight research-based, best-practice approaches enabling schools, organizations, and individuals to:

  • Increase understanding of the challenges and benefits of including children with emotional/behavioral challenges in regular classrooms and centers;
  • Train students, self-advocates, families and professionals through coursework, seminars, workshops and conferences;
  • View examples of potential approaches to program-wide systems of discipline, support, and engagement;
  • Provide technical assistance to organizations and individuals to improve their capacity to support youth with emotional/behavioral challenges in school and community;
  • Serve as a resource for information to policymakers and government officials;
  • Disseminate information to families, consumers, community members, and professionals via the website, toolkits, educational guides, online discussions and videos, newsletters, press coverage, and social media;
  • Engage in collaborative activities and joint projects with organizations that share common goals;
  • Foster a broader dialogue about the benefits of including ALL young people in our schools and communities.