RENEW Implementation Team Manual

RENEW Implementation Team MeetingA team responsible for implementation is an essential element of successful and sustained provision of RENEW (for more information on implementation research, see Fixsen, Naoom, Blase, Friedman, & Wallace, 2005). RENEW Implementation Teams are responsible for:

  1. identifying staff to become RENEW facilitators,
  2. identifying youth who are eligible for RENEW,
  3. identifying training and coaching support for RENEW facilitators, and,
  4. collecting and reviewing data on RENEW outcomes and implementation.

The RENEW implementation framework includes a step-wise process to guide agency or school administrators who want to adopt RENEW as a new practice, beginning with an Exploration Phase (i.e.: "Should we do this?" and "Do we need RENEW?") through the training, piloting, and eventually the full implementation process. It is important to know that RENEW will not be sustainable in any school or organization if it is not supported financially and administratively.

RENEW Guide to Implementation

Many youth have experienced success using the RENEW model, and any organization that is interested in implementing it as a new practice should have a practical understanding of its many facets. Effective RENEW Implementation on all levels will determine whether or not youth will experience positive outcomes with the RENEW intervention. This practice guide summarizes strategies and tools necessary for successful RENEW Implementation.

RENEW Implementation Team Manual

Manual Cover and Table of Contents

Section 1: RENEW Model

RENEW Manual (Email to order)
RENEW Readiness Checklist
RENEW Facilitator Competencies
RENEW Facilitator Characteristics Checklist
RENEW Process Checklist
RENEW Project Overview

Section 2: Systems Features and Implementation

Practice Selection Template
EBP Selection Tool
RENEW Implementation Checklist
Goals and Objectives Worksheet
RENEW Strength and Needs Checklist
Flow Chart RENEW Eligibility
RENEW Integrity Tool
Resource Mapping

Section 3: RENEW Implementation Team Process and Planning

Getting Started
Collaborative Team Checklist
Team Decision Log
Community Resource Mapping Checklist

Section 4: Data Collection

RENEW Data Matrix
RENEW Implementation Team Training Data-based Decision Making
RENEW Youth Tracker

Section 5: Readings

Stage-Based Measures of Implementation Components
How are We Preparing Students With Emotional Disturbances for the Transition to Young Adulthood? Authors: Mary Wagner and Maryann Davis
Scaling-up Brief: Readiness for Change
Implementation Teams
The RENEW Model: Supporting Transition-Age Youth With Emotional and Behavioral Challenges. Author: JoAnne Malloy