RENEW Implementation Team

A team responsible for implementation is an essential element of successful and sustained provision of RENEW (for more information on implementation research see Fixsen, Naoom, Blase, Friedman, & Wallace, 2005). RENEW Implementation Teams are responsible for:

  1. identifying staff to become RENEW facilitators,
  2. identifying youth who are eligible for RENEW,
  3. identifying training and coaching support for RENEW facilitators, and
  4. collecting and reviewing data on RENEW outcomes and implementation.

The RENEW implementation framework includes a step-wise process to guide agency or school administrators who want to adopt RENEW as a new practice, beginning with an Exploration Phase (i.e.: "Should we do this?” and “Do we need RENEW?”) through the training, piloting, and eventually the full implementation process. It is important to know that RENEW will not be sustainable in any school or organization if it is not supported financially and administratively.