RENEW Facilitator Manual

Teen Boy Doing Future MappingThe RENEW Facilitator Manual describes the core elements of the RENEW intervention and provides a step-by-step guide for working with youth. The manual is intended to be a companion guide to face-to-face RENEW Facilitator training, which is the ONLY way that individuals can learn how to deliver the RENEW model as it was intended to be delivered. The manual describes the background and theoretical foundations of RENEW, how to engage and plan with youth, how to formulate and facilitate the youth’s team, how to collect and use data, career development activities, and other resources that can be helpful to the transition process. Manuals are available by contacting

*Please note: Individuals who wish to implement RENEW with fidelity should seek training with the Institute on Disability. Please email or call 603.228.2084,  for more information.