LEND Trainees in classNH-ME LEND traineeships require a minimum commitment of 300 hours over a 10-month period.

The curriculum follows the academic calendar and includes coursework and experiences working with faculty, families, community partners, and legislators in New Hampshire and nationally. NH-ME LEND activities are organized into three core areas, each representing approximately 100 hours of direct contact time. The curriculum and activities are designed to support trainee’s ability to move into professional leadership roles in NH communities.

CORE I: LEND Seminar (~100 hours)

  • HHS 898 (NH) INT598-0002 (ME) Topics in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (3 credits each, 2 semesters)
  • Friday mornings 9:10-12:00
  • Weekly video-conference between UNH and UMaine

CORE II: Interdisciplinary Leadership Intensive (~100 hours)

  • Leadership Intensive Sessions 1-9
  • Monthly on Friday afternoons 1:00-4:00
  • Video-conference between UNH and UMaine
  • Leadership Placements and Capstone Project
  • Required: Attendance at Disability Policy Seminar, Washington, DC (30 hours)

CORE III: Clinical Training and Preparation (~100 hours)

  • Trainees and Fellows will participate in 1-3 clinical placements and case reviews totaling 100 hours.
  • Clinical placements vary in length and number of hours.
  • Clinical placements are made according to experience, discipline, and individual interests.