Wraparound Coordinator Certification Application

NH Wraparound Coordinator Certification 


The NH Wraparound Coordinator certification process is designed to maintain the integrity, competency, and rigor for which the practice was intended. Individuals must obtain certification within 12-18 months of beginning to work with families and may not begin to work with families until they have trained in Modules 1-3.

The certification is good for 24 months, and the recertification process can begin after 18 months of the initial certification. All certifications expire at 24 months after the certification date.

NH Wraparound Coordinator Certification Requirements:

  • Employed as a NH Wraparound Coordinator by a DHHS-approved entity.
  • Completed the 3 days of NH Wraparound Facilitator training.
  • Completed a DHHS-approved Cultural and Linguistic Competency training.
  • Completed a DHHS-approved worker safety and mandated reporting module.
  • Completed a minimum of 5 hours shadowing in Family Team meetings; 3 hours shadowing initial meetings; and 5 shadowing in between meetings, with an Endorsed NH Wraparound Coordinator (a Coordinator who has been recommended by the Coach) or Wraparound Coach.
  • Completed a minimum of 12 hours of team meetings with active coaching with a Wraparound Coach.
  • Receives weekly 1:1 coaching during first 3 months and at least 2x/month thereafter for at least an hour (in person or via distance) from a NH Wraparound Coach.
  • Provided at least 50 hours of Wraparound facilitation to as least 3 families/youth within the last 12 months.
  • Participated in month group coaching meetings. 
  • Observed by an Endorsed NH Wraparound Coach of one or more Wraparound Team meetings and received a score of 80% or higher on the NH Wraparound Coordinator Observation Tool and Plan of Care Coaching Tool.
  • Submitted 2 Plans of Care and at least 1 Crisis Plan.
  • Assembled a portfolio and application for NH Wraparound Coordinator Certification, with a letter of recommendation from his or her Wraparound Coach. The portfolio includes:

-The Plans of Care and Crisis Plan

-Observation and Plan of Care review tools for both Plan of Care case examples

-Schedule of completed coaching (individual and group)

-Coach's letter of recommendation


Months 1-4

  • Complete training (3 days)
  • Set up folder in UNH BOX - begin to track shadowing and family contacts
  • Begin meeting with coach - 1x/week
  • Begin shadowing
  • Begin attending monthly group coaching meetings
  • Begin to complete online modules

Months 2-9

  • Work with first families - recommended caseload of no greater than 6
  • Complete shadowing
  • Continue to meet with coach at least 2x/month
  • Attend monthly group coaching meetings
  • Continue to track family and shadowing work
  • Complete online module requirements

Months 9-11 (up to 17)

  • Increase caseload to 7-8 families (for full time)
  • Talk with coach about application for certification
  • Continue tracking family contacts
  • Assemble portfolio and Certification application - submit in Box folder

Months 12-15

  • Send application for Certification to IOD - assistant receives application and emails Panel chair (JoAnne Malloy)
  • Certification panel meets within 21 days and reviews the application
  • Panel approves application or asks for more information, within 2-3 weeks
  • Panel notifies IOD Assistant of status of application - assistant notes status in Wraparound Certification Spreadsheet
  • Assistant sends Certification to Wraparound Coordinator within 1 week of panel approval


NH Wraparound Coordinator Certification Renewal Requirements:

  • Completed initial certification requirements within the previous 24 months.
  • Documentation that the individual has provided NH Wraparound continuously with 3 or more families within the past 12 months.
  • Obtained CANS certification.
  • Completed Better Together with Birth Parents training.
  • Complete DHHS orientation training and mental health first aid.
  • Documentation of 6 hours of continuing education directly related to Wraparound, such as (1) Methods, Models, and Tools, (2) trauma training, (3) suicide prevention, (4) RENEW Facilitator Training, (5) Motivational Interviewing, 6) Youth MH First Aid, or related training.
  • Receives weekly 1:1 coaching (in person or via distance) from an individual who has been certified as a NH Wraparound Coach.
  • Observation by a Wraparound coach of one or more Wraparound Team meetings and received a score of 80% or higher on the NH Wraparound Coordinator Observation Tool and Plan of Care Coaching Tool.
  • Complete the Application with the portfolio for Wraparound Re-certification.

Questions? For further information please contact us at iod.renew@unh.edu.