Disability in Focus: October 2019

Prevalence of Disability is Highest in the North Country

In New Hampshire, one in five adults (20%) reports a disability.  This includes hearing, vision, mobility, and cognitive difficulties.

The prevalence of disability is even higher in the North Country, where one in four adults (25%) experiences a disability. 


1 in 5 adults in NH has a disability



In the North Country, adults ages 18 and up are two times more likely to have a hearing disability and two times more likely to have a mobility disability than other parts of NH.


hearing disability affects 2% in all of NH and 4% in the North Country






1 in 4 adults in the North Country has a disability


mobility limitation affects 6% in all of NH and 12% in the North Country

Strategies to promote regional public health for people with disabilities in New Hampshire:


  • Include people with disabilities in regional health collaborations such as Public Health Networks and Integrated Delivery Networks
  • Expand the availability of home care and telemedicine services in rural areas with limited health care access
  • Promote  participation in public health programs for people with disabilities across the lifespan
  • Evaluate and improve the physical accessibility of all healthcare, housing, and transportation services
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Data source: 2015-16 NH Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

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