About Us


The purpose of this project is to increase community integration and independence of individuals with developmental disabilities and to improve the quality of home and community-based services (HCBS) by developing and testing one or more model approaches of a coordinated and comprehensive system that includes two interrelated core components for enhancing and assuring the independence, integration, safety, health, and well-being of individuals living in the community: (1) Community Monitoring and (2) Community Capacity Building.


Within the scope of this grant, there are seven goals that are being addressed.

  1. Self-advocates, family members, DD network members, and other stakeholders will actively engage in the full implementation of the project.
  2. The NH Quality Framework will demonstrate a comprehensive system to improve services for individuals living in the community.
  3. DSPs and other HCBS providers will demonstrate improved competencies to improve access to and quality of HCBS services to individuals in the community.
  4. The community monitoring system in NH will demonstrate an increase in tools, training and other strategies to address all types of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  5. DSPs and other HCBS providers will demonstrate increased understanding and follow through on health issues and the supports needed.
  6. The project evaluation process will measure and report on activity progress, barriers, and areas of improvement.
  7. The NH Quality Framework will demonstrate a sustainability plan that reflects organizational, financial, and community sustainability.


Through collaboration with key partners, the Institute on Disability’s Living Well Grant aims to make significant strides to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities, as well as positively impact the quality of services received in the state of New Hampshire. 

  • People First of New Hampshire
  • ABLE NH (family advocacy organization)
  • NH Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • Community Support Network Inc. (CSNI)
  • Disability Rights Center of NH
  • NH Department of Health & Human Services (Bureau of Developmental Services)

Innovative Strategies

The New Hampshire Quality Framework project at the Institute on Disability in collaboration with key partners will accomplish our goals as outlined by:

  • Developing and implementing the New Hampshire Quality Framework, a comprehensive and coordinated approach that increases and improves the quality of HCBS for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.
  • Working with the Quality Council to guide the development of training for disability service providers and individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, monitoring systems, and improving theed use of the Health Risk Screening Tool for the purposes of implementing a sustainable model that improves services, quality, and satisfaction among the New Hampshire individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities service providers and service user communities.
  • Developing self-advocate-led training and improvinge organization-based training.
  • Conducting an evaluation to measure and report on activity progress, barriers, and areas for improvement.