The Intelligent Lives Project will include:

  • A feature-­length documentary film, which will explore how our narrow views of intelligence have led to the ongoing segregation of people with intellectual disabilities. The film will examine the emerging paradigm in which technology, peers, and other supports enable people with intellectual and other disabilities to engage in competitive employment, inclusive education, and all aspects of community life;
  • A companion 45-­minute documentary film, focusing specifically on youth with disabilities transitioning from high school to employment or post­secondary education;
  • A short preview film, which will be utilized as an educational and advocacy resource, and;
  • Education and outreach materials for educators, employers, youth, families, and other stakeholders.

The film and related educational and outreach materials will be used as resources and public awareness tools to increase educational, social, and employment opportunities for people with labels of intellectual disability. The project will launch in January 2018.

The anticipated audience for this film includes:

  • Educators and transition specialists
  • Employers and businesses
  • Youth with disabilities and their families
  • Higher education staff and faculty
  • Disability advocates
  • Public policy decision makers
  • Community leaders
  • Youth serving organizations
  • General public

The project will inspire viewers to change their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, and advocate for broad-based systems change which will:

  • Commit to ensuring that people with disabilities are seen as valued and intelligent human beings with a place in the workplace, general education, higher education, and relationships;
  • Provide the essential supports enabling people with labels of intellectual and other disabilities to thrive;
  • Desegregate and include children and adults with labels of intellectual disability in the mainstream of employment, general education, higher education, and community life; and
  • Highlight the implications of policy changes that could endanger inclusive education and integrated employment.

The Intelligent Lives Project Interim Report - Past, Present, & Future - Fall 2016