This project has been completed and these resources are no longer updated


Guidelines, Recommendations, Adaptations Including Disability (GRAIDs)

To help communities create environments that promote good nutrition and physical activity, the CDC initiated the Common Community Measures for Obesity Prevention Project to identify a set of strategies that communities and local governments can use for obesity reduction and prevention.

The 24 strategies created using the expert panel process are divided into six categories: 1) strategies to promote the availability of affordable healthy food and beverages, 2) strategies to support healthy food and beverage choices, 3) a strategy to encourage breastfeeding, 4) strategies to encourage physical activity or limit sedentary activity among children and youth, 5) strategies to create safe communities that support physical activity, and 6) a strategy to encourage communities to organize for change.

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More information on the CDC strategies including the current GRAIDs can be found here: Reduce Obesity-Strategies