Beyond the Medical Home

This project was completed in September 2016

Cultivating Communities of Support for CSHCN

Beyond the Medical Home: Cultivating Communities of Support for CSHCN was a project of the Center for Medical Home Improvement (CMHI) led by co-directors W. Carl Cooley and Jeanne McAllister in partnership with the NH Bureau of Special Medical Services (Title V), NH Family Voices, and the NH chapters of the American Academies of Pediatrics and Family Physicians. CMHI supported Medical Home (MH) implementation in primary care settings through quality improvement and parent - professional partnerships.

Beyond the Medical Home (BMH) extended previous CMHI efforts beyond the boundaries of childhood and the walls of the Medical Home by improving transitions to adult services and by establishing effective methods of communication and coordination among families, community-based organizations and the Medical Home.

BMH addressed three critical needs: 1) expanded Medical Home access by spreading the model within practice networks; 2) created seamless transitions to adult services by including family medicine practices and by focusing quality improvement efforts on transition; 3) implemented effective family and interagency coordination including a new secure web-based tool.

The Beyond the Medical Home project contracted with the Institute on Disability (IOD) to provide staffing for the position of parent partner consultant. In this position, the IOD consultant assisted the general project in issues relating to parent partners; provided a parent perspective to BMH staff and participants in trainings and learning sessions; and assisted parent partners in understanding and developing their role as parent partner in their local medical practice. In addition, the consultant supported new parent partners in the learning session keynotes and in their role as facilitators in local focus groups.

Areas of Emphasis: 
Age Levels: 
Middle/High School