APEX Implementation


This project has been completed and these resources are no longer updated


APEX has been implemented in 17 high schools since 2002. The participating high schools have reduced their dropout rates by 75% (overall statewide dropouts rates have been reduced by 50% during the same time period).

The individualized school-to adult-life transition model that is part of the high school implementation of PBIS is called RENEW (Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural supports, Employment, and Work). RENEW has shown promising results in preliminary data analysis for improving outcomes for students who were most disengaged from school and were at risk of dropping out. The schools and project staff have enrolled and served over 140 youth in RENEW.

The IOD specializes in training and coaching in the following areas:

  • PBIS implementation
  • "Tier" implementation for groups/schools
  • Individualized consultation and coaching for groups/schools
  • Evidence-based transition planning
  • Wraparound support
  • RENEW process facilitation
  • Annual Summer Leadership Institute for school teams and youth leaders

For more information about training and coaching services, contact Sarah O'Rourke at 603-228-2084 or sarah.orourke@unh.edu

The APEX High School Model

“…what educators all over the state are learning, is that detentions, three-strikes-and-you're-out rules, corporal punishment (which is banned in New Hampshire schools but still in use in many states), suspensions and other punishments don't work to change the behavior of children and teenagers. That's doubly true when a child has emotional or behavioral issues that cause them to act out, wall themselves off or give up on learning. [There is] an approach that's working at Somersworth High School and at least 10 other schools across the state. It's a comprehensive program of supports for positive behavior and the RENEW system designed to help students on a path to failure set goals for themselves and get the support they need to achieve them.” Concord Monitor Editorial, May 24, 2012


NH APEX II PBIS Project: High School Dropout Rates: 2004-2012


By providing training and technical assistance to school teams and staff members using a positive behavioral support problem-solving framework, there have been improved outcomes for all students and reductions in the need for segregated programs for students with disabilities and significant behavior support needs.

Partners in this work include the NH Center for Effective Behavioral Interventions and Supports (NH-CEBIS), the Parent Information Center of New Hampshire (PIC) and Strafford Learning Center.