Access NH

This project was completed in September 2016

This project represents past work of the UNH Institute on Disability and is no longer active.

The Access New Hampshire: Living with Disability in the Granite State project is a joint research effort by a range of affiliated organizations and individuals concerned about the well-being of residents living with disabilities in New Hampshire. Its mission is to help legislators, state and local agencies, and the broader public understand the extent to which New Hampshire enables all its residents, particularly those living with some form of a disability, to live and participate in their communities. By highlighting key issues, education, health care, employment, and community supports, we hope not only to raise awareness about the barriers confronting individuals with disabilities, but also to initiate a statewide conversation about how to work together to address these challenges.

New research released May 20, 2008 on mental illness and substance use in New Hampshire

Our most recent brief focused on understanding the changing dynamics of hospital care for mental illness and substance use and their implications for supporting continuums of care in New Hampshire. Some of the questions we sought to answer include:

  • Have the frequency of hospitalizations for mental illness or substance use increased over the last 10 years?
  • How do hospitalization rates vary across the state?
  • What can we learn about individuals who repeatedly seek care for mental illness or substance use?
  • What financial charges are associated with these visits and how have these changed over time?
  • What is the connection between mental illness or substance use and physical health?
Age Levels: 
All Ages