Policy Analyst

Summary of Position

Under supervision of project director and/or faculty member, this position will conduct quantitative research using nationally representative survey data to examine disability and government sponsored programs, disability and health, and disability and employment. The individual will assist in conducting literature reviews, analyzing, research data obtained; assisting in creation of dissemination, training and informational materials, and reporting and publishing final results. Overall, the individual will be expected to work autonomously and collaboratively, generate new ideas, and be able to hold discussions and collaborate with national leaders in the area of disability research.

Duties / Responsibilities

  • Participate in the planning, design, and conduct of research projects studying the population of persons with disabilities.
  • Use advanced statistical techniques to analyze large data files from secondary data sources, including restricted-use data from national surveys
  • Prepare analytical results for publication or distribution.
  • Present results of research through articles or scientific conferences and translate research into brief plain language summaries.
  • Plan, coordinate, and conduct outreach-oriented projects including development of web material.
  • Assist in the organization and direction of seminars and present results of research through articles of research through articles or scientific conferences.
  • Consult with other employment research specialists and cooperating research personnel as necessary.
  • Direct undergraduate and graduate research assistants on grant-related research projects, and provide tutorial assistance to undergraduate students as needed.

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