Maxwell "Max" Orland

Maxwell “Max” Orland is a self-advocate who has a disability that affects his speech and language and approaches everything in his life with the attitude of, “I can.” As Max was getting close to graduation from high school, he knew that he wanted to experience college in a way that other classmates his age were planning on. Through a family network he had the good fortune to attend University of Delaware (UD), and in 2010 Max received an Advanced Certificate in Sport Management from UD. While still in college, Max, an avid baseball fan, had the incredible opportunity of interning with the Boston Red Sox during Spring Training. Between 2010-2015 Max had many different roles within the Red Sox, including working as a fundraising assistant for the Red Sox Community Foundation, and being a Yawkey Way Host at Fenway Park, ensuring a positive game-day experience for kids and escorting fans to and from the game. One of his most exciting nights, was being in the Park when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2013! Max has been traveling the country sharing his story of inclusion in college and successes in life. He is determined to pay it forward. He recently moved to Philadelphia over a month ago.

Maxwell “Max” Orland