Jeffrey Manning

Community Affairs Specialist, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Mr. Manning began his career with the FDIC’s New York Region in 2009 as a Mid-Career Compliance Examiner in the Boston North Field Office, Lexington, MA.  He was promoted to Commissioned Compliance Examiner in 2011 and to Senior Compliance Examiner in 2014.  During that time Jeff served as Examiner-in-Charge of several large and complex Compliance and CRA examinations.  Further, he participated in multiple examinations in the North-East, Mid-West, and West Coast.  Prior to joining the FDIC Jeff worked in three Community Banks located on the North Shore of Boston for more than 25 years.  He has a background in Retail and Residential Lending, Deposit Operations, Branch Operations, Audit, Compliance and CRA.

Presently, Mr. Manning serves as a Community Affairs Specialist in the Boston Area Office which encompasses all six New England states.  In this position he assists with planning of area activities, to achieve the overall mission of the Community Affairs Program.  Jeff works with financial institutions to promote compliance with the spirit and letter of   the   Community   Reinvestment   Act (CRA) and serves the community and the public through outreach, education, and technical assistance activities.  He also works with non-profits and Community Based Organizations encouraging economic inclusion of all individuals in banking and financial literacy.

Mr. Manning is a graduate of Suffolk University, Boston, MA, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science/Arts in Business Management.