Linda Beliveau

Assistive Technology Specialist, ATinNH
Phone: (603) 397-7251
Office: UNH CHHS Institute on Disability, 10 West Edge, Durham, NH 03824

Linda is an accomplished assistive technology specialist who has designed numerous assistive technology solutions to accommodate physical and cognitive barriers. She has extensive experience working with alternative computer access methods such as controlling a computer or iPad with switches, eye gaze of voice. Linda’s ingenuity with matching technology to the abilities of the person creates possibilities for anyone who experiences life differently to reach their fullest potential.  She has presented throughout NH on topics including: “Increasing Speed and Accuracy with Writing,” Chrome is Golden: Read & Write for Google,” and “The iPad and Accessible Instructional Materials.” She has contributed to the scholarly article, “Apps to Support Executive Function.”

Linda is a 2017 RESNA certified ATP, a 2006 graduate of Franklin Pierce University, and a 2005 graduate of the NH Leadership Series.