Deborah Genthner

NH Leadership Series Coordinator


  • B.S., Business Administration, University of Maine, 1991

Professional Background

Since graduating from college, Deb has worked in the sales and customer service industry in Massachusetts, California, Illinois, and New Hampshire. After having children, she began a new chapter in her life as a mother and volunteer. Deb is a 2006 graduate of the NH Leadership Series; this opened up her world further as she became an informed advocate for her own children then was elected to her district’s School Board. Her goal is to make a difference for all children, with and without disabilities.

Deb began working at the IOD as staff for YES; a youth advocacy group for high school students wishing to increase inclusion awareness for all. In 2010, became a part of the New Hampshire Leadership Series team expanding her technical skills and connecting with participants of the series. In 2017 she graduated from the NH/ME LEND program as a family trainee, utilizing and refining her leadership skills while digging deeper into the world of neurodevelopmental disabilities.  Deb is now the coordinator of the NH Leadership Series and is excited to continue this important work at the IOD.


The New Hampshire Leadership Series has been supporting and challenging NH self-advocates and family members to further develop, strengthen and utilize their leadership skills since 1988. With 1000 graduates, we are a state that is strong on leadership and advocacy that is initiated and driven by our leadership graduates.

Deb Genthner is a woman with shoulder length black and gray hair who is wearing glasses and a patterned black and gray blouse
Curriculum Vitae: 
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