Heidi Cloutier Becomes Certified as PBIS Trainer

The Northeast Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (NEPBIS) Network endorsed Heidi Cloutier as a PBIS Trainer in May of 2017.  To become endorsed, Heidi completed and met competencies of the rigorous two year Northeast PBIS Training of Trainers (NEPBIS TOT) and demonstrated the ability to effectively train and support schools in implementing PBIS with fidelity.


4 Resources to Support Students During the Pandemic

Teachers across the country are working hard to translate their effective practices to work in remote learning spaces. Students are learning how to connect with each other from a distance. Families are doing their best to navigate the new normal in their homes. During these uncertain times, the Center on PBIS wants to share the resources available to help guide the work you do around student behavior.  Read more

Windows of Opportunity

In his theory of how and why topics rise to be on the national policy agenda, John Kingdon (1984) talks about windows of opportunity. People, and particularly policy leaders, are bombarded with information about various problems that need policy solutions; however, only a few issues rise to the level of attention and action.  When policy ideas, public opinion, and political leadership are joined together (Kingdon says: “a problem is recognized, a solution is available, and the political climate happens to be right, all at the same moment”), then a window o

Job Crafting Among American Workers with Disabilities

Abstract: Job crafting is an informal, employee-initiated approach to job re-design that has not been tested among people with disabilities, thus far. The purpose of this study is to examine crafting behaviors of workers with disabilities and individual factors associated with crafting behaviors. Methods We conducted a survey of employees with disabilities who were 18–64 years old and had at least 1 year of work experience.