Trainee Highlights

In September we welcomed our 2018 cohort of NH-ME LEND trainees and have had a busy fall semester together.  Trainees this year include family members and those from the fields of education, nursing, nutrition, communication sciences, occupational therapy, and social work.  At this point in the year trainees are engaged in clinical and leadership work across NH and Maine.  Meet this talented cohort here!

Alumni Updates

Erika Baril (2016) and LEND Training Director, Betsy Humphreys published an article in the Journal of Early Intervention this fall. The article features an evaluation of the research evidence on the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), an intervention for infants and toddlers with autism spectrum disorders. Ten research studies are included in this systematic review. Findings indicate variability in methodologies, participant and intervention characteristics, and research rigor.