Meet the Class of 2020 Group Leaders & Mentees

Every year the NH Leadership Series brings together powerful leaders to act as mentors for our participants. These valuable mentors are what we call “Group Leaders”. A Group Leader embodies what a true leader sets out to do....  go forth and to support others to be their best selves to create positive change. Amongst our powerful leaders we also have “Mentees” who are essentially Group Leaders in training. We are so proud to introduce our Group Leaders and Mentees for the 2020 NH Leadership Class and asked a few questions so that you could get to know a little more about them.

Finding My Path

Everyone has a different story. I want to tell you what brought me here, and how I became a part of the progressive movement in New Hampshire.

For most of my life I thought I had no control over what went on outside my front door. My family did not have a history of civic engagement. My mom had bipolar disorder. Back then the stigma around mental health conditions was much worse, so it was always a big secret that we hid from others.