Faculty Highlight - Colette Janson-Sand

April 18, 2017

Colette Janson-Sand

Colette Janson-Sand will be retiring this spring after 25 years of service to the NH-ME LEND Program.  Since 1992, Dr. Janson-Sand has served as core faculty in Nutrition and has advocated for children and families in the area of nutrition. In addition to mentoring nutrition LEND trainees, Dr. Janson-Sand has participated in the LEND Seminar teaching  LEND trainees from a variety of disciplines including education, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, social work, and families on the important role of nutrition for children with disabilities. She has been an active collaborator with faculty from other disciplines to design integrated case studies that highlight nutritional and developmental needs.   

Through her role as a LEND faculty member, Dr. Janson-Sand has also been an active member of the Seacoast Child Development Clinic, an interdisciplinary developmental evaluation team. She designed a nutrition screening that was integrated into the clinic process to identify families who were concerned about their child’s eating and growing. For those children, Dr. Janson-Sand provided families with practical information and recommendations to support the child’s nutrition and overall health.   

Colette, we wish you the very best and will miss you!