Alan Kurtz receives PhD at University of New Hampshire

December 15, 2016

Dr. Alan Kurtz

Dr. Alan Kurtz, NH-ME LEND faculty member since 2011, recently earned his Ph.D. in education with a concentration in autism, from the University of New Hampshire in May of 2016. Congratulations to Dr. Kurtz, who has been a lifelong leader in the areas of inclusive education, positive supports, the education of individuals with autism across the life span, and postsecondary education for all students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. As a family member, special educator, close friend, and guardian to a man on the autism spectrum, he brings a wealth of experience to his work.

Dr. Kurtz has been with the Maine UCEDD since 1993. He is presently the Coordinator of Education and Autism Initiatives for the University of Maine Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies, UCEDD. Dr. Kurtz’s active role in the NH-ME LEND program includes mentoring trainees, coordinating and facilitating leadership placements, playing an active role in the weekly LEND seminar, participating on several LEND planning teams, and serving on the LEND Faculty Team .  His current research is in the area of family-centered transition planning for adolescents with ASD and other developmental disabilities. In his dissertation, Dr. Kurtz studied the effects of family-centered transition planning on the quality of transition plans of youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Previously, he served as the project coordinator for Increasing Access and Success in the STEM Disciplines, a Model for Supporting the transition of High School Students with Disabilities into STEM-Related Postsecondary Education (2011-2014).