Spring 2016 Introduction

May 15, 2016

Dear NH LEND Partners,

Sara Rainer & Peter Antal at the 2016 NH LEND Poster SessionThis spring marks the end of a 5-year grant cycle and the end of our 24th year of the program. We await the beginning of our 25th year when we receive notice of our next grant award - sometime during the month of June (fingers crossed). The aim of the NH LEND Program is to strengthen the system of care for children and youth with developmental disabilities and their families by training high quality leaders and developing collaborative interdisciplinary partnerships. During this grant cycle, NH LEND has graduated 108 trainees in NH and Maine, and expanded clinical and leadership partnerships in both states. Advancements in technology over the 5 years, has made it easier and easier to connect trainees and partners in NH and Maine.

Last week the NH LEND faculty gathered to reflect on program growth over the last five years. Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

  • Our program evaluation process, led by Peter Antal and Carrie Portrie (NH LEND 2013), has resulted in continuous quality improvement over the five years.

  • The adoption of team-based learning in the LEND Seminar has strengthened instructional methods, engagement with content, and trainee’s teamwork skills across the program. The success of our implementation of TBL is a result of expert consultation provided by Sophie Sparrow, UNH Professor of Law.

  • NH LEND participation in the AUCD/MCHB Interprofessional Leadership Learning Collaborative in 2013 resulted in enhancements to our leadership curriculum, new community-based field placements for trainees, and continued collaboration with the NH Leadership Series through IOD.

At the end of this academic year, NH LEND trainees, faculty members, and partners came together UNH for the NH LEND Capstone Poster Session to celebrate the trainee’s accomplishments. Congratulations NH LEND Cohort 2016!

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