Rise to the Challenge with NH Leadership

June 3, 2018

Dear Friends of Leadership,

The 603 Challenge is now underway! Between now and June 8th, the NH Leadership Series is participating in a UNH-wide giving campaign, and we need your support.

When you make a gift to the NH Leadership Series during the 603 Challenge, all gifts up to $150 per donor will be matched.* That means if you donate $20 to Leadership between June 3-8, your gift magically turns into $40. If you donate $5 it gets matched and becomes $10, $50 becomes $100. You get the idea, more bang for your buck. Donors are encouraged to contribute early since up to $150 per donor will be matched for the first $150,000 donated. Last year this funding ran out by Monday morning. You'll be able to donate to the NH Leadership Series under the "Other Funds" category on the website.

NH Leadership changes lives...

Every donation of ANY amount allows Leadership participants to create positive change for more people with disabilities and their families.

Thank You,
-The NH Leadership Team

P.S. Stay tuned for more challenges this later this week and follow along with us online at #unh603