About Health & Genetics

The IOD’s Health & Genetics Priority Area aims to improve the health and social well-being of those with inherited (genetic) disorders and other disabilities.

This mission is accomplished through a variety of activities and projects that focus on access to and the improvement of appropriate and quality health care. These activities include education and training, evaluation and consultation, research, technical assistance, and informing policy.

IOD staff collaborates with public health officials, families, care-givers, primary and specialty health care providers, and other agencies and individuals on multiple projects within the state of New Hampshire, New England, and nationally. Project goals include:

  • enhance local clinical services, education and training capacity
  • provide technical assistance, accessible information, educational opportunities, and other support for individuals and agencies who support those with genetic disorders
  • increase early screening, diagnosis, and effective family-centered treatment of children with autism
  • prepare health care professionals to assume leadership positions in the provision of health and related services and social supports for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families
  • improve community-based care systems in order to advance health and long-term care services and supports
  • provide family-centered and culturally sensitive interdisciplinary evaluation and consultation to assist families of children who have developmental challenges
  • transform the older adults service delivery system to a caregiver-directed, locally-managed model that allows caregivers to determine their needs with support from local resources