MTSS-B Universal Team Retreat

A Facilitated Retreat for District and School-Based Teams

Cheerleaders at Somerworth High SchoolUsing Data to Design Your MTSS-B Implementation

Facilitated by Heidi Cloutier, MSW
Established Universal MTSS-B teams can use the day as a team retreat to review their current discipline data (Office Discipline Referrals, absenteeism, academic data, dropouts, YRBS data) and develop a plan for addressing the most important needs for social skills development in the school. New teams or members who are exploring MTSS-B implementation can learn about the fundamentals and receive consultation regarding which tools to use and how to develop buy in.

Participants will have an opportunity to learn from each other and from schools that have had success with particularly difficult implementation issues. Registrants are encouraged to email areas to work on before the session. This session is ideal for teams that have been implementing MTSS-B for at least this school year, or for teams that want to revitalize their MTSS-B efforts.

About MTSS-B

Improving school climate and safety is important for creating a positive learning environment for all students. Schools that implement a system of effective behavioral and academic interventions and practices have better educational outcomes and staff satisfaction. MTSS-B is an evidence-based framework designed to transform school environments to become less reactive through the use of a team-based decision-making model and implementation of researchbased practices.

The MTSS-B framework consists of three levels— Tier 1 (Universal), Tier 2 (Behavioral Support), and Tier 3 (Intensive). Each level is designed to prevent problem behaviors and address the behavioral support needs of students at risk of school failure. Universal Teams develop the systems, structures, and practices for the delivery of schoolwide social supports for all students.

Who Should Attend

This retreat is for teams that are implementing school-wide or Universal Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Behavioral Health and Wellness (MTSS-B) or exploring the feasibility of MTSS-B implementation.


Heidi Cloutier

RENEW Trainer & Project Coordinator

Heidi Cloutier, joined the Institute on Disability in 1998 and provides training, consultation, and technical assistance in the development and expansion of implementation of school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, Youth Leadership and RENEW, an intensive support intervention to help at risk youth engage in high school completion and post-secondary options.

Heidi received her MSW from the University of New Hampshire, is a NH Leadership Graduate, and is currently enrolled in the University of Connecticut’s New England Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports Training of Trainers Program. She has worked in transition planning, person centered planning, and community mental health with youth and adults. Heidi presents nationally on topics of transition planning, PBIS, Autism, RENEW and Coaching practices for sustainability and fidelity.

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Date & Time

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 8:00am to 3:00pm

Registration Fee

  • $199 per session individual;
  • $179 per member of a group of 3+

includes continental breakfast, lunch, & materials


Grappone Conference Center
70 Constitution Avenue
Concord, NH

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