Assistive Technology

THIS PROJECT WAS COMPLETED IN MARCH 2017 AT Connects is a developing information site charged to become a National Public Assistive Technology Internet Site. AT Connects aims to provide access to resources and information about assistive technology and its uses and to act as a gateway to the AT Act funded projects and programs in all states and territories. The site is envisioned as an interactive platform in ... Learn More
THIS PROJECT WAS COMPLETED IN SEPTEMBER 2019 Federal funding for this project has concluded. The opportunity to study Early Childhood Special Education and Assistive Technology is still available.  Link to: Early Childhood Education: Special Needs-Master of Education webpage. Link to: Assistive Technology Grad Certificate webpage From 2012 through 2019, The EC-SEAT project faculty, staff, and community par... Learn More
THIS PROJECT WAS COMPLETED IN JUNE 2018 There are approximately 25,000 individuals in New Hampshire who experience conditions causing paralysis, with approximately 9,250 of these individuals living in rural counties. Individuals who live in rural communities are underserved and in need of assistive technology solutions to maximize independence at home, at work, at school and in the community. Individuals with paralysis who ... Learn More