Committees & Workgroups

Creating Connections NH Interagency Council

The mission of the Creating Connections-NH Interagency Council is to develop, guide, and contribute to the successful installation and implementation of a continuum of care for youth and transitional age young adults (12-25) with substance use disorders (SUD), or SUD with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Creating Connections NH Workforce Management Team

Develop, adjust, and oversee implementation of training and technical assistance to ensure provision of a continuum of care to 400 youth with SUD and SUD/COD in the project’s pilot sites.

Creating Connections NH Policy Workgroup

To develop and monitor attainment of activities and benchmarks for identification of policies, rules, and legislation that pose barriers to implementation of a continuum or system of care for youth with SUD and SUD/COD.

Creating Connections Peer to Peer Support Workgroup

Develop/design and plan to build or increase the capacity for providing youth and family peer support for youth and families in the Creating Connections NH project.

Creating Connections NH List of Committees and Workgroups