Classes at UNH

OT 722 - Introduction to Assistive Technology Credits: 4.00
This hands on course will provide participants with an overview of the application of assistive technology in all life settings for individuals affected by physical, sensory, or cognitive limitations. Methods, materials, and resources for obtaining and providing assistive technology services will also be discussed. Special fee.

OT 724 - Assistive Technology and Physical Disabilities Credits: 4.00
An advanced course that focuses on the specialized assistive technology needs of persons with physical impairments. Topics include: seating and positioning needs; prosthetic devices; manual powered mobility devices; ergonomics and computer access. Special fee.

OT 726 - Assistive Technology and Sensory, Communicative, and Cognitive Disabilities Credits: 4.00
Explores the application of various technologies for individuals with visual, auditory, cognitive and communication impairments. Included are: Blind and low vision aides, assistive listening devices, alternative and augmentative communication devices, memory aides, and prompting aides. Special fee.