Dan Habib’s Mr. Connolly Has ALS Begins Film Festival Tour

September 25, 2017

Gene Conolly answers questions from Sevignee Mugisha

Gene Conolly answers questions from Sevignee Mugisha

Mr. Connolly Has ALS documents a high school principal who is embraced by his community as he continues to lead the school, despite rapidly losing his abilities due to the debilitating effects of ALS.

Concord, NH—Filmmaker Dan Habib’s new film, Mr. Connolly Has ALS, brings an intimate view of a remarkable leader dealing with this devastating disease to film festivals this Fall. Beginning with New Hampshire Film Festival and then on to the Awareness Film Festival at Los Angeles’ L.A. Live (a project of LA-based charity Heal One World) and the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis.

“I am so pleased that our film is making an impact among those who need this content most,” said filmmaker Dan Habib. “The ability to bring such an intimate portrayal of someone like Gene Connolly to a wider audience is the only way we can really help people to understand the effects of an incurable disease like ALS – while also sharing Gene’s passion for creating a truly inclusive school community.

Mr. Connolly Has ALS will screen at:

Internationally, Mr. Connolly Has ALS will screen at:

Additional festival announcements are expected soon.

About the Film

During his 14-year tenure at Concord High School, Principal Gene Connolly was known for his non-stop energy, his love of rock & roll, and the personal connections he made with many of the school’s 1,600 students. However, in 2014, Connolly was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Mr. Connolly Has ALS chronicles Connolly’s final year as principal of the school, when his physical abilities are significantly limited.  The outpouring of love and support from the students, evident as they engage with him in the film, is both remarkable and inspiring.

Mr. Connolly Has ALS runs 32 minutes and is currently negotiating television and online distribution. Occasional online preview screenings will be offered via the OVEE® social screening platform. Announcements about upcoming screenings will be made on Facebook.

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Partners & Funders

Mr. Connolly Has ALS was made possible by support from the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability, and through the generosity of many individuals.

Mr. Connolly Has ALS has partnered with the ALS Association and the National Association of Secondary School Principals on community screenings and other outreach and engagement.

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