About Assistive Technology

 The Institute on Disability is pursuing the expansion and further development of Assistive Technology (AT) services and training in the state of New Hampshire. Assistive Technology is integral to the daily lives of many New Hampshire residents. Awareness of and the ability to try assistive technology devices are important aspects to making a decision whether a particular technology is “the right fit.”

The IOD is actively involved in partnerships on campus, throughout the state, and on a national level to promote access to assistive technology services.

Assisitive Technology at the IOD is focused on three primary goals:

  • the expansion of access to demonstrations and loans of assistive technology throughout the state of New Hampshire
  • an increase in the reuse of assistive technology equipment
  • the provision of excellent training and educational opportunities in the Assistive Technology field

We are interested in expanding the collaboration among campus organizations and faculty with an interest in Assistive Technology.  Assistive Technology is a broad and diverse field offering much potential for transdisciplinary work.