Video Examples

Hollie Shares Her Maps

Hollie Shares Her Maps Open Captions from Institute on Disability on Vimeo.

This video includes 1) a brief overview of the RENEW Personal Futures Planning Process or “MAPs” and 2) a youth sharing her own “MAPS.” Viewers can use this video to learn from a youth’s perspective how the MAPS are an effective tool for them to reflect about their past, understand where they are in their life today, and plan for their future.

RENEW Team Meeting

RENEW Team Meeting Open Captions from Institute on Disability on Vimeo.

This is a video compilation of a RENEW meeting with a RENEW Youth (black sweatshirt), RENEW Facilitator (male with striped shirt), Study Teacher (next to RENEW Facilitator) & School Counselor (white shirt). Throughout this video, the RENEW team works to develop a check-in system for a student and her teacher to help the youth stay focused on her work and get the help she needs. The team uses a process of brainstorming ideas, selecting the ideas that will work, creating an action plan to put the ideas into place, and using data to ensure that the youth is successful in achieving her goal of finishing her work so that she can graduate on time.