Universal Team/Tier 1 Manual

The Leadership Team

  • Collaborative Team Process
  • Norms of Collaboration
  • What is SWPBS?
  • Critical Team Features
  • Collaborative Team Process Checklist
  • PBIS Leadership Team Meeting Notes
  • Annual PBIS Plan
  • Universal PBIS Start-up Checklist

Installing The Behavior System

  • Behavioral Matrix
  • Respect and Responsibility Produce Results
  • Defining Problem Behaviors
  • SWIS Referral Form Definitions
  • Student Incident Report
  • PBIS School Staff Survey
  • Creating a Flow Chart
  • General Procedures for Problem Behavior Intervention
  • Example – Rundlett Middle School Behavior Management Flow Chart
  • Committee/Group Review Worksheet
  • Resource Mapping
  • Community Resource Mapping Tool: Defining Resources

Data-Based Decision Making

  • Guidelines for Data-Based Decision Making
  • Behavior Data Review Worksheet Using SWIS “Big Five” Reports
  • PBIS Team Meeting Minutes and Problem-Solving Action Plan Form
  • Building PBIS Universal Tier 1 Systems, Data, and Practices in High Schools

Classroom Teacher Behavior Management

  • Positive Behavior Support: Non-Classroom Management: Self-Assessment
  • Positive Behavior Support Classroom Management Self-Assessment Revised
  • Classroom Effective Practices Planning Checklist
  • Positive Behavior Support in the Classroom

Engaging Stakeholder Communication

  • Keys to Successful Partnerships: Six Types of Involvement
  • Family Engagement Checklist
  • Increasing Parent Engagement in APEX III

Roll Outs

  • PBIS-NH Rollout Checklist
  • Roll Outs
  • 35 Free or Inexpensive Rewards for Adults in the Building
  • PBIS Universal Team Calendar Summer 2012- Spring 2013
  • Generic Schedule for Universal PBIS Planning


  • Collaborative Team Process Checklist
  • PBIS Team Implementation Checklist
  • Family Engagement Checklist
  • PBIS-NH Roll Out Checklist
  • PBIS Plan Annual Goals and Outcomes
  • Self-Assessment Survey
  • Tiered Fidelity Inventory


  • Implementation Brief: Implementation: The Missing Link Between Research and Practice
  • Scaling-up Brief: Readiness for Change
  • Implementation Blueprint and Self-Assessment

Example PBIS Manual

  • Excelsior Springs High School