Kessler Employer Practices Survey

Many employers fully engage people with disabilities in their workforces--hiring, retaining, and advancing their employees with disabilities.

The 2017 Kessler Foundation - Employer Practices Survey (KF-EPS) will identify ways that employers strive to hire and retain employees with disabilities by utilizing different approaches to successfully avoid or overcome barriers.  The goal of this research is to generate actionable information to support the adoption of promising practices across the country.  With funding and collaboration from the Kessler Foundation, the IOD will design the survey questionnaire in Qualtrics and field it using a Qualtrics pre-screened sample of supervisors.  Results will be analyzed and reported by IOD, and shared via multiple dissemination outlets by IOD and Kessler Foundation.

Following the 2008 ODEP survey, the KF-EPS survey will use a nationally representative sample of 3000 supervisors from a variety of sectors and industries across the US.  Supervisors will respond to questions related to (1) employer procedures and policies, (2) experience with barriers related to employing people with disabilities, and (3) practice approaches attempted (successfully and unsuccessfully) to overcome the barriers. Barriers will be both pre-identified (according to those in the literature) and self-nominated. Practices will be collected, and subsequently recoded, via open-ended questions, with probing questions about linchpin issues. In addition, open-ended questions will be used and recoded to ask respondents to self-nominate barriers and practices.

The KF-EPS is part of a larger, longstanding effort to generate actionable information about the employment of people with disabilities.

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