Penny Gould

Research Program Administrative Coordinator


  • B.S., Business Management, Granite State College, in progress

Professional Background

Penny joined the IOD in February 2011 as Program Support Assistant for the following Research Rehabilitation Training Centers: Disability Statistics and Demographics (StatsRRTC), Individual-level Characteristics Related to Employment Among Individuals with Disabilities (IC-RRTC), and Employment Policy and Measurement (EPM-RRTC). Penny has an extensive administrative and executive support background and nearly 10 years in banking and finance. However, it was Penny’s passion for training and education coupled with her background in non-profit work which brought her to the IOD. Penny continues to support administrative and financial management of research grants while taking the lead on knowledge translation, technical referral and general program management.


The persistently low employment rates among people with disabilities in the United States are accompanied by consistently high rates of participation in safety net programs. As funding for employment related services is limited, people with disabilities who wish to access employment services may face either delays in access or scarcity of available options.
Understanding the Factors Associated with the Health Disparities Experienced by People with Intellectual Disabilities
A growing body of research has documented that persons with disabilities are more likely to experience health disparities compared to the general population. The Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project: Health and Health Care Disparities Among Individuals with Disabilities project will extend this research by determining what factors relate to or explain health outcomes and health care access among the diverse populations of individuals with disabilities.
The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Individual-Level Characteristics Related to Employment Among Individuals with Disabilities (IC-RRTC) is generating new knowledge about the role of individual characteristics on employment outcomes.
Many employers fully engage people with disabilities in their workforces--hiring, retaining, and advancing their employees with disabilities.
The employment gap between people with and without disabilities is well-documented. Research findings point to two main factors that contribute to the persistence of these employment disparities: 

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